Friday, May 16, 2008

Adding IM (Jabber/XMPP) messaging to Oracle APEX

One of my APEX application relies heavily on email notifications for work flow approval and task assignment notification. A few months ago it occurred to me that it would be really nice to implement IM notification and let users decide how they like to be notified. So I went to work and found a great java open source XMPP/Jabber client called Smack. My first implementation was just a simple class that called smack functions loaded on the DB by loadjava. But I recently found a project started by Adrien Sales that wraps more of the Smack functions such as rosters. To add IM functionality to your application follow these steps:

  1. Download Oracle XMPP/Jabber Instant Messenger for Oracle 11G.
    If you are using Oracle 10g download from here (I had to recompile using an older smack version and JDK1_4)
  2. Login to sqlplus as sysdba and create account XMPP to load java classes and package.
    create user XMPP identified by XMPP
    default tablespace your_tablespace
    temporary tablespace your_temp_tablespace
    quota unlimited on users;
  3. From the shell go to the dist folder and excute
    loadjava -u XMPP/XMPP -resolve lib/smack.jar
    loadjava -u XMPP/XMPP -resolve lib/smackx.jar
    loadjava -u XMPP/XMPP -resolve OracleXMPP.jar
  4. Login to sqlplus as sysdba and execute:
    call dbms_java.grant_permission('PUBLIC', '', '*', 'accept, connect,
    listen, resolve');
    call dbms_java.grant_permission('PUBLIC', '', '*', 'accept, connect,
    listen, resolve');
  5. Connect as XMPP/XMPP and run the following script.

  6. Grant privileges on the new package to APEX_PUBLIC_USER:
    grant execute, debug on dbms_xmpp to APEX_PUBLIC_USER;
  7. Login to APEX to SQL Workshop> SQL Commands and test:
    select XMPP.dbms_xmpp.send_plain_text_message('',
    'XMPP Test',
    'Hello from Oracle APEX') xmpp_return_code
    from dual;
And thats it! Now if your company happens to be running a XMPP/Jabber server (like we do at Oracle) or if you have a user base that has gmail accounts or any of the other services running on XMPP, this could be a great alternative to emails. This is a huge hit on my applications and I bet anyone can come with more creative ways to include Jabber with APEX. Let me know how you use it.

I am also planning to post soon how I'm running my own Jabber server and how I can integrate it with my APEX application. Stay tuned!

For more information on Jabber please visit


Patrick Wolf said...


that sounds really interesting. I think I have to have a closer look at the IM integration.

Thanks for sharing

Elliot Liang said...

Hi Noel,
What a great IM integration program.
It works fine in Oracle 11g, but, we also have Oracle 10g DB, after we download the 10g version that you support and setup, it failure(The return code is '-1').
What's wrong? Could you please give us a favor?

Noel Portugal said...

I updated the code i did found a bug. I didn't notice since I stopped using 10g. Thanks for noticing. Let me know if this fixes the problem.

Elliot Liang said...

Hi Noel,
It works!
Thanks for helping, we rock!

Andy (Agenor) said...

Hi Noel

This looks really interesting and something that we could really use in our SaaS application (built on Oracle 11g EE and written in APEX v3.11).

Did you ever release an APEX package that we could perhaps benefit from using ?

Many thanks in advance

Andy Smith

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